Day 3 of the Male National Netball Championships by Buddy Phillip Ntsoelengoe Motsumi

Netball games at the Male Netball Championships in South Africa 2018

Travel Blog: Day 3 – 4 October 2018:

It was a great day with the competition getting intense as we reaching the day of crossings tomorrow – a lot of teams are really bringing their all … We got to observe a lot of games today as we awaited our game which was at 16h00. At 15h15 we started our warm up and it was intense I must say – a great way to get ready for the game … At 16h00 it was time to show we mean business! We were going to face King Cetshwayo! Everyone (spectators) was hyped up for that game. LOL! You could swear it was a final! Both teams came in with their guns blazing but it went down to a team that wanted it more. On our side it was just a matter of keeping consistency and doing exactly what we were told from the bench which we didn’t do and it ended up costing us the game. Nonetheless, both teams played very good netball. Only one game left now before the semis … Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us so far, it’s much appreciated.

Buddy Phillip Ntsoelengoe Motsumi  Written by: Buddy Phillip Ntsoelengoe Motsumi

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