Day 2 of the Male National Netball Championships by Buddy Phillip Ntsoelengoe Motsumi

Wet netball court at the Male National Championships

Travel Blog: Day 2 – 3 October 2018:

Woke up to a very cloudy day and a bit of drizzle. My team was ready to face the 2nd day of the champs … We got to the courts and prepared ourselves before we warmed up for the first game. 08h30 was the start of the first round where we got down to show we mean business going head to head with the hosts Ethekwini A! LOL! Well … things didn’t go down as expected, loosing with a difference of 2 goals … but the boys gave it their all, it was just a matter of keeping consistency from our side. We got to rest for one round and had to face Ekurhuleni in a Gauteng derby. We were well rested and had to make sure we switched our mindsets to positive ones and get into the gist of the game! We played and won but didn’t get to reach our target as instructed. The rain became worse and we had to adjust to the court and unfavourable weather … Round 4 and round 5 had to be moved to tomorrow morning, with round 4 starting at 07h00. Now we have made our way to where we are sleeping. We are gonna have a nice long rest for the day, with coffee in bed, a movie and some game analysis. Do stay tuned for more updates of my travel blog.

Buddy Phillip Ntsoelengoe Motsumi  Written by: Buddy Phillip Ntsoelengoe Motsumi

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