Intercept With Zanele Vimbela

In anticipation and excitement, we caught up with SPAR Proteas defender Zanele Vimbela for five quick intercepts before the start of the 2023 Netball Quad Series on Saturday, 21 January 2023. 

Check out what she had to say:

How are preparations going for Quad Series? How is everyone feeling in the Protea camp?

The preparations for Quad Series are going well. I think everybody is in a really great mood and the intensity is really good in the training sessions. So now we have to simulate that and transfer it into game mode to get the first game of the Quad Series off to a good start.

What are the team’s objectives for Quad Series?

Obviously, the mandate is that we want to win but we also want to improve from our results against the top 3 teams and I think we do have some very good executions in place for all the matches coming up. We just need to stay connected in everything we do – on court and off court – and I think that’s really important for any potential plays into the World Cup.

Zanele Vimbela defending Stephanie Wood in a netball match

Do you have any pre-match routines to get you ready for matches?

My pre-match routines are quite miscellaneous – they are not really specific. I just listen to some music and do some pre-hab routines. I also do some dynamic stretches and movements to get myself loosened up for the game. I think that is very important in any pre-match routine.

What advice do you have for young netballers out there who want to follow in your footsteps and play for their country?

Keep working hard. You can’t just be talented and not put the work in. You need to put the work in every single day – even during the holidays or any period that you might have off. Of course, recovery is key. Listen to your body. You know how you feel. But, you need to be hungry to get out there and play so it’s about that winning mentality you have to have. Without that, why would you want to go out there and compete?

Zanele Vimbela running during a netball warm-up

Who is the best and worst roommate in the Protea camp?

Wow! I have quite a number of best roommates. Phumza (Maweni) would probably be the best one. I don’t really have a worst one, but there are some funny characters that I’ve roomed with. I’d also say that Phumza is one of the funny ones to room with. You never get bored. Tumie (Boitumelo Mahloko) is also another one. I don’t really have a worst one, but I definitely have roomed with some funny characters but I love them all.